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Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 - Resume

It’s always inspiring to see people using creative ways to showcase their skills. Such is the case of Léo Primard, a French student recently graduated who is looking for a job in Paris and decided that since he was looking for a job in digital marketing and communication in the 21st century, he might as well drop the pen and paper system and go with digital content.

Hence the video below. It’s a compilation of extracts from films, tv shows, animations and YT videos. Some footage is grainy, some sound transitions are brutal, and yet, that’s not what stays with you at the end of the video. The idea that prevails is that Primary is creative and motivated enough to spend a significant amount of time on standing out in the crowd.

A couple of lessons here:

Although that might not be true at a certain age, when you’re fresh out of school, nobody expects you to have the skills and knowledge of a Senior. But showing you have the basics and the right mindset to gain the missing skills will leave a mark.

  • Creative doesn’t mean Originality

Léo Primard didn’t invent the Video Resume. He got inspired himself by another Frenchy, Benoit Finck, who created a video resume a year ago. So, Primard took Fink’s idea, but of course, his video can’t be the exact same. And that’s where creativity comes in to let Primard’s voice comes through. If you think that’s a good idea, just steal the idea and make it your own.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

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