Why the best jobs aren’t left to chance

Thursday, October 12th, 2017 - Resume

Find your way inside

I’ve talked about this before. There is a velvet rope and bouncers standing outside of the company’s front doors. A long line of candidates are already waiting, with their resumes in hand, desperately trying to win their way past these bouncers. Do you really want to queue up and play that game?

You want your inside champion to come out, lead you past the velvet rope, and take you inside the company through the side door. If it sounds like it’s probably a lot of work to find and connect with that inside champion, you would be correct. That’s why you can’t scale this strategy to simultaneously apply to hundreds of companies.

But, the good news is that you’ve already decided to intentionally set your sights on a small number of companies and roles that will best advance your career, right? Working and growing your network to connect with a small number of inside champions is an easier task.

If you’ve already been demonstrating your expertise to the world, the champion may come find you. This happens when you do a lot of writing, podcasts, interviews, public speaking at conferences, sit on panels, teach workshops, etc. People get to know you, see how you think, recognize your talent and expertise, and decide that they want you on their team.

If you’ve been hiding inside the four walls of your last company, then you have a bit more work to do. You’ll need to strengthen your network, refresh your connections, and strategically let people know that you are in play.

Do not broadcast publicly on social media that you are looking for a job (again, desperate). Engage with your network, find out who is connected to people inside your short list of dream companies, and get a warm introduction.

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