Where will the jobs be in 2024? Some predictions for the area

Monday, September 4th, 2017 - Resume

Today, on Labor Day, Hoosier workers may not be thinking of the future workforce, but predictions of what jobs might be big in the next decade are out there.

Through research and analysis of south-central Indiana, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development has projected which types of workers will be the most in-demand in the region by the year 2024.

While STEM disciplines topping the list is no surprise, projections of sales and retail positions being in-demand buck trends in a time when a retail apocalypse is changing the face of shopping. Take a look at the top 10 job categories for 2024, and maybe take a hard look at that resume.

The data are for the following eight counties: Monroe, Greene, Owen, Brown, Lawrence, Orange, Martin and Daviess.

Top 10 projected 2024 in-demand jobs in area

Job categories and their 2016 average annual wage:

1. Office, administrative, support: $33,660.

2. Science, technology, engineering and mathematical jobs: No average wage available.

3. Food preparation: $20,532.

4. Sales and related jobs: $32,555.

5. Production jobs: $34,017.

6. Education, teaching: $49,484

7. Food service: $19,267.

8. Transportation: $33,393.

9. Retail sales: $23,037.

10. Health care: $66,546.

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