There's Literally Thousands of Openings at the Ten Top Places Where Employees Love to Work

Saturday, July 8th, 2017 - Jobs

Jobs site drew from its database of millions of employer reviews to compile its list of the best places to work for 2017 and the top employers all have one thing in common that may cause job seekers to rejoice: they’ve all got room for more workers.

The top ten is heavy with tech, airlines and energy companies, led by cloud computing and software giant Salesforce. The company preaches a culture built around the “Ohana values: Trust, Growth, Innovation, Equality, Customer Success, Transparency, Giving Back, Wellbeing, and Fun.”

Apparently there’s still plenty of Ohana to go around, because Salesforce currently lists over 1,300 job openings on its careers site.

Airlines Southwest and JetBlue get the silver and bronze medals for keeping employees happy. It surely helps that business is booming for the low-cost carriers and their legacy competitors like United are suffering all sorts of horrendous headlines lately.

The nature of airlines means that they’re limited in how much their business can scale and they can grow compared to tech companies (you can’t just add new routes overnight on a whim), yet still both companies currently have dozens of openings, including several new ones that seem to get added to the growing list every day.

The cultures of the next two names on the list, Facebook and Google, are well known, as are their seeming ability to continue to grow (and hire) along their paths toward world domination. One site lists over 1,600 openings with Facebook around the world, while Glassdoor lists over 3,000 jobs with Google.

Energy companies Centerpoint and DTE, followed by Nike, Apple and Disney round out the top ten on the list, and have plenty of openings of their own for everything from accountants and technicians to designers of apparel and even the ever helpful voice of Siri.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that companies with room to grow and expand their teams are highly rated by workers that are benefitting from that upswing. Layoffs are unlikely to generate positive employee reviews after all.

But it’s also worth noting that none of these companies can really be considered upstarts at this point. They’ve been around for a while and will be for the forseeable future, perhaps in part because they do right by their workers.

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There's Literally Thousands of Openings at the Ten Top Places Where Employees Love to Work | Best Of Resume | 4.5