There Is A Job Opening To Literally Test Video Games All Day

Sunday, June 18th, 2017 - Jobs

Rockstar North is behind arguably one of the biggest video games franchises in history: Grand Theft Auto. It’s actually the fourth-largest selling franchise of all time, behind Mario, Pokemon and Tetris.

The world’s that the game is based in, whether it be Liberty City, Vice City or San Andreas, allows pretty much endless gameplay. You can complete the story mode, break into a military base, steal a car, go on a spree, or just meander through the streets.

But imagine if it was your job to play these games?


Well Rockstar North, which also produced Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire and Manhunt, is looking for a games tester in its Edinburgh and Lincoln offices.

According to the website, the company is looking for: “Excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to observe attention to detail. You will have good general computer skills and be a confident learner working with word processing, databases and spreadsheets.”

The job involves: “Testing various games and applications across all platforms, quickly learning and mastering each one. Carrying out accurate examination and revision of reported issues. Providing critical analysis and feedback in report form, clearly and concisely. Retaining the knowledge needed to set up all platforms quickly and effectively.”


Ok, so pretty much, be older than 18, be badass at playing video games, beat them quickly and spot any glitches. Simple.

Why wouldn’t you want to work on one of the bestselling and controversial games of all time? The franchise has been criticised pretty much since its inception for glorifying violence. The Guinness Book of World Records Gamers Edition in 2008 and 2009 claimed there are more than 4,000 articles on the game – making it the most controversial of all time.


The company has also had to fend off several lawsuits. In 2003, the families of two people shot by teens claimed that the shooters were inspired by the game to go on a rampage.

But Rockstar hit back saying: “Ideas and concepts as well as the ‘purported psychological effects’ on the Buckners are protected by the First Amendment’s free-speech clause.”

That was one of many cases that were dismissed by various courts in the US. Strangely enough, actress Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar North and Take-Two Interactive Software Inc, claiming they used her image to create a character for GTA V.

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