Secrets You Need to Know About Finding a Job After 40

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 - Resume

By the time you reach your 40s, you might think you’ve got the whole adulting thing down to a science. So it’s only natural to assume finding a job after 40 is going to be a walk in the park — methodical and by the book.

Unfortunately, research shows older workers face unemployment longer than younger workers. That suggests there’s a hitch in their job search. For instance, going in with blind faith and zero regard for the changing times is absolutely detrimental to the search.


There are a few questions to consider when finding a job in your 40s. How will you tackle younger bosses? How about age discrimination? And why the heck won’t recruiters respond to applications? To remain relevant in today’s workforce, there are several things you must know to succeed. Here are 15 ways to better your chances for landing a job later in life.

1. You might be approaching your peak earnings

businesswoman talking on phone while standing with her baby girl People earn peak wages around their 40s. |

By the time you hit your 40s, you’re likely to be making as much money as you ever will, regardless of gender. In fact, Business Insider reports men’s salaries peak at 48, and women’s salaries top off at 39. This is due to two things: job choice and family responsibility. Women’s salaries expand alongside men’s salaries up until age 30, when many tend to have children, taking them away from the workforce.

Salary is also a factor, as men usually have higher paying jobs than women do. By the time women hit 39, their typical wage is $60,000 per year, while men earn $95,000 per year, according to the data.

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