Quickfire: prioritise short term job for more money or stay here?

Saturday, July 8th, 2017 - Jobs

I have been offered a 9 day job in another location that will allow me to make extra cash – cash that I need if I don’t want to dip into my savings. But I am currently stressing about moving abroad in 2 months and feel that every moment is precious with my partner.

I am soon moving abroad and the transition is going to be more expensive than I anticipated. This means that I will certainly need to dip into savings for the initial month or so of living in my new country.

Aside from this: I am feeling really stressed about the impending move. Over the last week or 2 I am actively managing this with yoga, dancing, time spent with my partner and time spent outdoors etc. My partner and I have tentative plans to spend time together next weekend – he has been going through a very difficult time lately, so this is a priority to me. Managing my own mental health is also big on the list. My options are

Next Week 1: Be thrown in at the deep end at a new company for 9 days living in an isolated location alongside a team, earning extra $$ for practical things I need. This will be relatively relentless, so I won’t really have much downtime, other than eat/sleep. But it will ease the pressure RE financial worries a little.


Alternative next week Remain here, working on a single project that will make significantly less money, but be able to continue partaking in yoga/other relaxing activities and time spent with partner. I am looking at ways I can make up the money in a couple of months, but will probably still need take a little out of savings in the short-term.

My head is mashed and I feel so tired that I am struggling to figure out the best course of action. I need to figure it out asap, help me lovely mefites!

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