Prepping resumes for the Job Fair

Thursday, September 28th, 2017 - Resume

DSPS & S counselor Aurora Segura showed students how to improve their resumes in preparation of the upcoming job fair.

She stated that the presentation was held primarily ensure that students will be ready for the job fair on Nov. 2 at 9:30 a.m. at the Falcon Square.

The resume workshop was held on Sept. 26.

During the presentation Segura went over topics such as:

  • Defining what a resume is
  • Types of resume formats
  • Advice on how write a resume (the heading, objective, skills, etc.)
  • Tips on what to do if you have limited work experience

At the end of the presentation, Segura provided students with resources that can be found both online and on campus.

She also provided the contact information of a few employment resources.

Ji Ho Lee, undecided major, said he attended the workshop because one of his teachers had recommended it to him.

He said he learned some new things from the presentation, even though he felt it had gone a little too quickly.

Johnny Wallace Jr., political science major, said he found out about the workshop because he saw a flyer outside of his history class.

Wallace felt that the presentation was comprehensive and helpful; he felt that any questions he may have had were answered efficiently and learned some new things by attending the presentation.

Segura said that the workshops are done year round at the Career Center so that students will prepared for whenever they apply for a job.

She felt that the workshop was successful and had a good turnout, and said the students asked good questions and seemed to be interested in the presentation.

Segura also said that it sounded like students wanted a critique on their resumes which is always a plus in her opinion.

She said that if students came back to see those who work in the Career Center, they would have helped the student on the spot and critiqued their resume.

Segura added, “Come to the workshop even if you think you know everything.”

She explained that she’s had many students that come to the workshop saying “I wasn’t going to come because I already know how to do a resume.”

Sometimes students aren’t aware of the latest trends or what employers don’t like but that she and those who work with her in the Career Center know because they are in touch with employers and deal with them all the time.

The Career Center gathers feedback from employers as to what they’re looking for when they’re hiring students.

Based on what they learn, they tell students what to do and what not to do and what should go on their resume.

At the end of the presentation, Segura reminded students to come visit the Career Center for more help or if they had anymore questions about their resumes or employment opportunities.

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