OPINION: UGA students should look into getting a freelance job this summer

Sunday, June 25th, 2017 - Resume

We all want money, and we all want to work in our underwear. Unfortunately, most campus or part-time jobs around Athens either don’t pay very much and require you to commute to work, investing time without much pay-off.

Thankfully, there are jobs available for a diverse set of majors that pay well and allow you to hone some practical skills, all while working in the comfort of your pj’s. It’s call freelancing, and it is something UGA students should check out. Because when time is money like it is in college, what’s better than having a job that pays well, doesn’t require you to leave your house and helps you build useful skill sets that will come in handy later in your career?

Freelance jobs are plentiful if you know where to look for them. With 53 million Americans forgoing 8 to 5 jobs, there’s a growing community of people wanting to work from home–and many sites are willing to cater to them. A site called Upwork is friendly to those just starting in the freelancing business, and offers protection to freelancers if a client doesn’t pay up. It allows you to see which jobs are available, many of which only requiring entry-level skills that are easy to apply to.

People seek editors, marketing strategists, copywriters, video editors, ghostwriters and pretty much anything else that can be done on the internet. If you can get the job, why not add it to your resume? It also shows you have  initiative and professionalism that employers love to see on resumes. Scott Williams, Executive Director of the UGA Career Center, said that a resume must not only look good but be supported by good content. Landing freelancing jobs is a great way to add jobs to your resume that you can tailor to different employers or fields.

This can be a great at-home addition to any summer job you’re already working without embarking on a huge time-commitment. You can hone the skills you already have, or try something completely new. It’s a low stakes way to see if another career is right for you.

But you can’t just go into it fresh-faced and naive. Educate yourself of what it takes to be a freelancer, and the benefits that can arise from doing it well.

Of course, this probably won’t be the sole way you get income, so maybe don’t quit your day job. But if you want something that challenges you, lengthens your resume, networks you with clients, and gives you a little extra bit of money, check out freelancing jobs.

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