No resumes here: StayUncle will find out if you fit the job in 60 secs with just 2 questions

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‘Show us, don’t tell us’ is the mantra followed at StayUncle, an online platform that helps unmarried couples find hotels. Unlike other companies and peers of the startup community, StayUncle does not want candidates to bring in a resume to be hired. Instead, they just ask them two simple questions to see if they fit the profile or not.

Blaze Arizanov, Chief Marketing Uncle, StayUncle says that their team currently has 10 people.

“All of them are handpicked for what they rock at and made even better at it. We found them in coffee shops, while commuting in metro, while being served in restaurants and referrals,” he added.

So, whenever someone comes forward for a job at StayUncle, Blaze said that they ask just two questions, ‘What can you do for us?’ and ‘Show us’.

Here, the first question checks whether they are dealing with specialists — people who excel at one thing. “We don’t work with generalists. This question also enables us to observe how well a person is able to communicate his value proposition,” he said.

The second question establishes credibility. Blaze said in a blog post on LinkedIn that for instance, if the person says she is good at growth hacking we ask her to show how you hacked someone’s growth.

If he is good at design, they ask for his portfolio. If she is good at coding, they ask for her code repository and past projects.

“In other words, show us, don’t tell us. That’s it. Two questions. No resume needed. 60 seconds. It works,” he said. They even accept self-made videos of candidates as a job application as the idea is to get people who think differently.

At all companies across India, be it it domestic firms or multinational corporations, a resume is the first stage in the job application process. Only after the resume is throughly screened, that a candidate is short-listed for an interview round.

Blaze says that the problem with resumes is that it is just the tip of an iceberg and a continuation of a far-deeper problem going way down to how the Indian education is structured.

According to him, the Indian educational institution still spew professionals who’s strongest forte is complacency.

“For us, the resume is an embarrassing epitome, the actual embodiment of an obsolete system refusing to die. Instead we prefer people who chose themselves rather than me choosing them, who don’t come and ask what can I work for you, but who instead say this is what I can do for you and this is my price,” he said.

“I love working with mercenaries and we have our own ways converting them into permanent ambassadors of this cause,” he added.

Being a company that helps unmarried couples find hotels is no less a taboo in a country where pre-marital sex is frowned upon. Blaze said they have had their challenges like when their first recruitment specialist left the company after her father got to know the company she works at.

Similarly, another lady from the hotel contracting team came, saw the posters and the decoration of the office, the way people talk among each other and didn’t come back the next day.

Many people here do have maturity problems, he said. And what better way to hire than have a frank chat about what a prospective employee brings to the table.

At a time when India Inc is going deeper into resume screening and background verification to create pools of talents that can then be taken through multiple selection procedures, StayUncle has taken the road less travelled.

As they scale up in the journey to get bigger, Blaze said this philosophy will continue as long as the recruitment specialists also think the same.

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