Nine-year-old ‘Guardian of Galaxy’ applies for job at NASA to protect the planet

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 - Resume

A nine-year-old believes he is up to the task of being ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’, and his application to NASA’s job posting has caught just as much attention as the job profile itself: protect Earth from alien contamination and vice-versa.

NASA, the US space agency, generated much chatter on the internet as the job description did the rounds. The agency is looking for a Planetary Protection Officer who can keep contamination from space on Earth, or the other way around, to an absolute minimum.

Young Jack Davis was among the many who sent in their resumes. His was a handwritten letter that further showed his eagerness.

Though too young to apply for a job, Davis thinks he is qualified for the position.


The kid says his sister calls him an alien and that he has seen “almost all the space and alien movies”.

Moreover, Davis says since he is young, he can learn “to think like an Alien”.

He signed off by calling himself ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’, incidentally the title of a movie franchise from the Marvel comic universe.

The letter was uploaded on Reddit, a social media platform, by a user called ‘millamber’ and users on Reddit are loving it.

The letter may not have reached NASA yet, but the users at Reddit already declared him the champion of writing a precise cover letter.

“This is a better cover letter than many I’ve seen,” a user commented, while another said, “I’m sold. Let’s get this kid a spacesuit.”

Here, take a look at Davis’ letter

My friend’s son wrote a letter to NASA from funny

Here are some of the interesting reactions to the nine-year-old’s job application:

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