New York Giants: Is Evan Engram in the Driver Seat for the Starting Tight End Job?

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 - Resume

With the singing of Rhett Ellison and drafting of Evan Engram, competition is brewing at the tight end position.

Evan Engram was the first round pick for the New York Giants this summer. The selection was surprising because of the Giants’ weakness and the other highly scouted tight ends that were available. Regardless of any of that, the Giants picked the Ole Miss tight end to add to Eli Manning’s offensive weaponry.

The logical sense would be for Engram to be the starting tight end for this upcoming season. But is that a certain statement? Engram being the first round pick doesn’t award him a starting role for the Giants offense. He is still a rookie and could be used to learn the system in his first year.

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Engram has a stacked resume from college with school records in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdown catches by a tight end. As he enters the NFL, Engram’s stats fall back to zero until he steps onto the gridiron in the blue and white uniform.

The Giants addressed the tight end position, as it was weak and empty heading into the offseason. Besides Engram, the Giants signed rookie Colin Thompson from Temple, and veteran Rhett Ellison. The Giants also have Jerell Adams, Matt LaCosse, and Will Tye returning from last year.

Evan Engram will be ahead of most of these tight ends to start off the depth chart for the preseason. But Engram does have some competition for the starting role.

Will Tye was a favorable target for Eli on third downs during last season. Manning could already feel comfortable with Tye and may want to stick with him throughout this season too. Tye was the only tight end on the roster to have a receiving touchdown last season. He also added 48 receptions to his stat line. This is a player who has stats to show the coaching staff. Tye could beat out Engram for the starting tight end role.

Who is Rhett Ellison? Rhett Ellison is a five-year veteran coming over from the Minnesota Vikings. Ellison is the tight end on the Giants’ roster with more than two years of experience in the NFL. He has be able to stay healthy by playing at least 11 games each of his five seasons. Unfortunately, he only has three touchdown catches in his career but that isn’t Ellison’s game. He is a blocking tight end, which the Giants have been lacking, with the ability to also run routes and fight for balls in traffic. Ellison will definitely find playing time for the Giants but could be it be as the starter?

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The Giants coaching staff has a tough task on their hands during the preseason. The positive outcome of this situation is there is a surplus of tight ends to plug into the Manning-McAdoo system. The best bet may be to have Engram to be the starter. Ellison and Tye could be tied into some play calls in certain situations but Engram is the correct direction to go. The write out on paper of the receivers given to Manning is scary; Beckham, Marshall, Shepard, & Engram. 

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