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Friday, October 27th, 2017 - Resume

Published: Fri, October 27, 2017 @ 12:00 a.m.


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The Main library continues to strive to meet the community’s needs as they plan to open a Career and Job Center on their second floor.

Librarian Judy Jones offered a presentation on the new program in the new room on Sept. 12. The room includes an interactive whiteboard, nine computers and a conference room in the back. The space will be made public in October.

The library began working on the center after Gov. John Kasich created a workforce initiative. They want to make a more concerted effort to help the community.

The program will keep others up-to-date with the current job climate and practices. These practices include the most efficient and appealing technique to make a resume and the best ways to write a cover letter. Jones also studies to become a trained Career Development Facilitator.

The area will offer a number of opportunities for various people. People changing jobs or who have been out of work can get help for navigating through online applications. Those looking to start their careers will be able to receive critiques on their resumes and cover letters. The staff will give mock interviews for those who need it.

The library will help with education as well. They will prepare adults for a GED test. Students heading to college can also stop by to get assistance from the library.

The Career and Jobs Center will work heavily with online databases, such as Ohio Means Jobs. They have another subscription with the Job and Career Accelerator, which can be accessed from the library or at home. Anyone with an active PLYMC library card can log in and use the site. The library includes similar sites on their website in the “Career Resources“ section. They will also help the public work on Indeed, Monster and LinkedIn.

The program will begin giving one-on-one appointments starting in October. Librarians Jones, Sara Churchill and Sturart Gibbs will be the main staff for the Career and Jobs Center. The library will implement the program slowly and adapt to the needs of the community. Librarian Janet Loew said that the best thing for someone interested would be to contact one of the librarians to set up a time.

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