Jobs, tax cuts & tourism top Republican Gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie's priority list

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 - Jobs

Ed Gillespie makes visit to Bristol

BRISTOL, Va. – Ed Gillespie won the Republican Gubernatorial nomination, despite losing all eight of our southwest Virginia counties during the primary election. However, he says he has plans in place to make major improvements to the region.

“My number one focus is on making it easier to open up a business in Virginia,” Gillespie says.

Statistics show that job growth in the commonwealth isn’t improving as quickly as government officials would like. From 2015 to 2016, job growth increased by just 0.6 percent, ranking in the bottom fourth of the country.

“When you look at our vast natural resources and our fertile lands, our great colleges, our natural beauty, our historic landmarks, and our location,” he says. “When it comes to economic growth and job creation, Virginia should be first in the nation, not 39.”

With tourism being a major economic driver in southwest Virginia, Gillespie says more tourism marketing by the state is near the top of his to-do list.

“People who live in Northern Virginia or Richmond or Hampton Roads should not be vacationing in West Virginia, they should be vacationing in Southwest Virginia,” the gubernatorial candidate says.

Gillespie also says he’s in favor of cutting income taxes by 10 percent because its become outdated.

“Our individual income tax rates were set in 1972 and have not come down at all in 45 years,” he says.

Despite losing all eight southwest Virginia counties to a republican primary opponent, Gillespie still says he’s the right candidate for southwest Virginia.

“I am standing up for the values that we share in Southwest Virginia and will create jobs and raise pay here,” he says.

Virginians will choose their next governor on November 7th. Ed Gillespie is running against Democratic nominee Ralph Northham and Libertarian Cliff Hyra.

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Jobs, tax cuts & tourism top Republican Gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie's priority list | Best Of Resume | 4.5