Jobs and resumes, do they matter?

Friday, September 1st, 2017 - Resume
Several months back, I was looking for a job and nearly everyone required a resume and or cover letter to be submitted. I did so, but I saw a trend. Any job interview I had always had the same issue, it failed because of details that I had put on my resume that were obviously never read. For example, Had one job interview where they really wanted me due to my experience in that field. They were ready to offer me a job until I got my chance to ask what they hours were. That is when they told me it would be into the late evening. Now, my resume that I had submitted stated my hours of availability being early morning / early afternoon. The interviewer got angry at finding out I wasn’t available at that times and that was that.

It wasn’t an isolated incident either that key facts like that were seemingly ignored on my resume. I also had more then a few interviews I would show up for that would have me fill out an entire new application, with information a resume would typically have, such as previous work history.

All of this got me wondering, do resume matter even? No one seems to read them but everyone loves to request them. What are your thoughts on them?

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