Job losses as Tiggis confirm no plans to resume trading

Thursday, July 20th, 2017 - Resume

Tiggis closed up in Guildhall Street

The liquidators dealing with Tiggis Preston have confirmed the details of the closure.


Eighteen staff have been made redundant as part of the liquidation of La Marokina Limited and Tiggis Preston has no plans to continue trading.

The restaurant had originally backtracked on plans to close the restaurant by saying it was a temporary problem caused by the toilets.

However, Blog Preston was shown a letter from liquidators Beever and Struthers sent to a member of staff which stated members of staff had been laid off as of July 12, 2017.

In a new statement the accountants say: “Beever and Struthers has been instructed by the director of La Marokina Limited, trading as Tiggis Preston, to assist him with placing the business into liquidation.

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“The business has ceased trading, there are no plans for it to resume trading and 18 staff have unfortunately been made redundant.

“All claims for wages and other claims owed will be processed as soon as possible via the relevant government department.

“There is no business or trading connection between Tiggis Preston and other restaurants in Lancashire bearing that name.

“Any similarities in the name are purely historical and they are therefore unaffected by the liquidation.”

Tiggis, an Italian restaurant in Guildhall Street, had been serving Preston since 1978.

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