Job Electronics 225 Power Amplifier

Saturday, July 1st, 2017 - Jobs

Made in The Goldmund Factory in Switzerland

This Amplifier Outperforms Amps at Twice The Price

As New In Box

The latest addition to the JOB amplifiers family is by far the most advanced amplifier ever designed by JOB.
It represents the hottest “Value” existing today for an audiophile.
The JOB 225 is a Stereo unit of 125W per channel in a reasonably small chassis. 
Totally protected, easy to use, perfectly silent, it is THE amplifier for an audiophile who is conscious of his budget but demanding the absolute best of the world in sonic quality. 
With its extraordinary dynamic capability and its unconditional stability, it can drive anything. 
More, with the JOB proprietary “Ultra-Control” of the speaker, any speaker even a large one will sound better when used with the JOB 225. 
With extremely low distortion, especially IM distortion, literally zero group delay distortion, ultra-wide MegaHerz bandwidth and DC coupling, extreme silence and cool operation, it can be played at high level with the same impression of ease than at low levels.

Thanks to the JOB Elecronics large scale of operation on power amplifiers, the JOB 225 is also offered at a realistic price, where high-end audio manufacturers would charge $6’000 or $15’000 if the same amplifier were sold through the traditionnal channels.

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