How To Deal With One Parent Being Fired From Their Job

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One of the worst feelings in the world is losing a job as in many cases it is the livelihood of the family or the individual. This compounds when you have children as they rely on you to provide for them. Hopefully you are lucky if you or your partner can support the family without issue on their salary. The way that you react to getting fired will set the tone for your entire unemployment. There are certain things that you can do and tips to help get a new job below.

File For Unemployment

You have been paying into unemployment since you have been working. Some people think there is a stigma for those collecting unemployment but there is no shame in this. Each state differs on how to apply for these benefits so it is important to do the proper research and not simply think they will give you money immediately. Cash might be tight so these checks will help the entire family until you find another job or make the right financial decisions.

Update Your Resume

Getting your resume together after being let go from a job is relatively easy. Most people have LinkedIn and this has encouraged people to update their job information regularly. This is not the time to undersell yourself for the job you had been doing. This does not mean lie on your resume but stress the importance of the job that you had been doing. Getting a reference from your former company is a great idea so your new employer can see you were let go because of financial reasons instead of conduct. If you had been fired for conduct, do not list anyone from your previous employer.

Call In Those Favors

Everyone always tells you “let me know if you ever need anything” so it is time to cash in on these favors. These could be professional or personal contacts so be ready to swallow your pride and ask for a job. Even if the person cannot directly give you a job they might know someone who is hiring. LinkedIn is a great place to cash in favors as well as see if any companies are hiring in which you know an employee. Most people know of a company that is hiring, it is just time to get your foot in the door via someone that you have helped out in the past.

Part-Time is Better Than No Time

Many mothers who have had a great corporate gig might think that working retail or at a restaurant is below them. This is not the time to feed your ego as you were replaceable or expendable at your old place of employment. Taking a part-time job will give you extra cash that will come in handy as well as leave you time to go to interviews and apply for jobs. This will be a temporary fix but it puts food on the table for the family which is the most important thing.

As you can see it is important not to get trapped by feeling bad for yourself after losing your job. Taking a proactive approach is the best thing that you can do and it will have you gainfully employed in no time!

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