He’s hunting for a job — and a Grammy-winning artist inspired him to rap his resume

Thursday, September 28th, 2017 - Resume

If you’re in the running for a new job against this job applicant turned lyricist, be afraid. Be very afraid.

You can put a forgiving head shot in the upper right corner. You can even compile an online portfolio on a WordPress site. But you don’t stand a chance against this guy.

He’s Dawayne Kirkland, and he uploaded his video resume to YouTube on Monday, set to the tune of Grammy-winner Kendrick Lamar’s explosive rap tune “DNA.” Since then, he’s piled up nearly 900,000 views.

It’s his channel’s first-ever YouTube upload, so he’s clearly 1 for 1. Even if VaynerMedia, the “full-service agency built for the now,” whose attention Kirkland professes to be after in the video’s title, passes, he’ll probably be swimming in offers in the near future due to the post’s creativity and the decent design chops he exhibits.


“I got internship on internship inside my resume, in that visual communications I got BFA,” Kirkland raps in the opening lines of the video that co-opts the cover art for Lamar’s 2017 release “DAMN.” Kirkland replaces Lamar’s face with his own, his jaw flapping up and down with the lyrics.

Every job applicant these days needs solid computer skills. That goes without saying, but Kirkland makes poetry of his prowess with a keyboard and mouse in his hands.

“Every time I get behind computer I make a souffle, I can fix your website, homie, I can even use illustrate.”

He even demonstrates a willingness to relocate for the right gig, because an open mind and winning attitude are just as important as any technical skill. You can tell in his raps that this is just a guy who gets it, when he spits, “for my job at casino, great bambino with a mouse, still live at my mama house, but I’m cool with moving out.”

One good sign for Kirkland’s prospects? VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk retweeted his video application Wednesday morning.

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He’s hunting for a job — and a Grammy-winning artist inspired him to rap his resume | Best Of Resume | 4.5