H1B Workers Scrutinized Over Perceived Inconsistencies In Their Resumes

Friday, August 4th, 2017 - Resume

The US Custom and Border Protection or CBP has been lately adopting the policies of tighter scrutiny into the admissions of the foreign nationals who sought to work in the country using H1B visa. Recently, the denials based on the relevancy of the job the visa holder is going to undertake at the client’s place have increased.

The CBP has the authority to search for the details of the individuals holding visas to work in the US, most of them IT consultants who apply to work at the client’s place.

After Donald Trump’s emphasis on tightening the borders, the authorities have began to rely more and more on the details such as the emails, social media accounts of the individuals and sometimes misinterpret the information that leads to visa denials.

Apart from social media details, the officials are also looking in detail at the individual resumes to identify whether the H1B workers are fit for the position they applied to, which requires examining the relevant skills for the job duties.

The suspicious officials may ask questions related to the individual’s prior experience upon examination.  Failure to give satisfactory answers is resulting in denials of the H1B workers. According to Murthy Law Firm these denials have only increased in the recent past.

Its website stated that the firm had received reports of consultants who have provided remote services of their US-based clients living oversees in their resumes. They claim that they were accused of working the US without authorization or creating false resume with exaggerated information.

The officials may sometimes get confused or lost in the details provided by the individuals in their resumes, leading them to misunderstand the information in the resume. This is also causing the denials in some cases, the firm stated.

The firm strongly recommends the H1B workers to understand the details included in the H1B petition filed on their behalf. And also to know the information residing on their emails and cell phones beforehand to avoid any misinterpretations that may lead to denials.

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