Google Just Made Job Hunting A Lot Easier, All Top Listings In One Place

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 - Jobs
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 8:37 AM UTC

With so many websites that post job listings on the web, it’s not really that hard to find a job when searching hard enough. However, Google decided to make things easier for job prospects by taking all of the listings from reliable websites and launched an initiative called Google for Jobs. The concept is quite simple in that the search engine company would simply use its organizational expertise to organize jobs listings.

The new service was actually announced last month, which said is a means of aggregating listings that users might be interested in without them having to visit individual websites, Fortune reports. This has long been a problem for job hunters since not every user knows which job sites are good and if the jobs posted are even legitimate.

In any case, Google will be getting the listings from multiple sources, including LinkedIn and Monster. The new service will even post available positions that companies have posted on their own websites, which is definitely a huge time-saver. It also opens new doors to job hunters who might not even be aware of such job openings.

As to how it works, the blog post that Google released indicates that any searches that are specific to job hunting will be provided a preview of the new service. When typing something like “jobs in my area,” for example, they’ll be able to see results as well as the little window where they can click on the new feature.

The new service is meant to help everyone as well, including the job hunters, the employers, and the websites that are relying on the traffic provided by their listings. Websites that list more than 10,000 jobs can even apply for something called a “High Change Rate” feature, which boosts the exposure of the listings.

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