Four months in and this list of the 20 highest paying jobs of 2017 is still as helpful as ever

Friday, March 31st, 2017 - Jobs

New year, new data

A new year means new data.

LinkedIn released a list of the 20 highest paying jobs for 2017 (sadly, I’m well on my way to none of them.)

But 2017 is a qurter of the way through…

We know, but even though we’re nearly four months into the year, it is never too late to consider the possibility of a new job.

Let this list and these tips help you navigate through it.

The List

1. Cardiologist – $356,000
2. Radiologist – $355,000
3. Anesthesiologist – $350,000
4. Surgeon – $338,000
5. Medical Doctor – $230,000
6. Pathologist – $225,000
7. Physician (general) – $220,000
8. Hospitalist – $220,000
9. Psychiatrist – $218,000
10. Senior Corporate Counsel – $175,000
11. Staff Software Engineer – $168,000
12. Dentist – $165,000
13. Director of Engineering – $164,000
14. Tax Director – $161,000
15. Director Product Management – $160,000
16. Patent Attorney – $160,000
17. Anesthetist – $156,000
18. Senior Software Engineering Manager – $155,000
19. Global Marketing Director – $155,000
20. Podiatrist – $150,000

Data from LinkedIn-ites

This data was collected by LinkedIn Salary, which gains data from LinkedIn members. LinkedIn also suggests a few ways to amp up your professional networking presence.

Always be updating

First, update your LinkedIn profile.

Make sure the photo and current work info is up to date.

Second, kick things up a notch by learning a new skill.

This can increase your salary potential.

Also, it aids in helping you stand out from the competition.

Be organized and flexible

Third, do you homework.

Take the time to decide what you want from your next job.

Do this by making up a list of priorities and running those against research of a company to see the compatibility.

Fourth, LinkedIn suggests you be open to change. If one of your goals is to amp up your salary, be willing to look at other fields other than your current one.

Connect with who you know

Next, make sure you’re keeping in touch with your connections. Potentially making a career switch sometimes requires having an “in.”

Lastly, be committed to your next move. If you’re not willing to put in the effort, you’ll never find the results.


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Four months in and this list of the 20 highest paying jobs of 2017 is still as helpful as ever | Best Of Resume | 4.5