Clean Up Your Resume Now, Because Employers Are Hiring More This Summer

Thursday, July 13th, 2017 - Resume

Summer may not feel like the best time to apply to jobs, since everyone’s off on vacation or holiday, but it turns out it actually is! So put down that rosé and clean up your resume. LinkedIn reported on Thursday that May and June have been the best months for hiring by U.S. employers for the past two years, according to CNBC.

LinkedIn editor-in-chief Dan Roth told CNBC that hiring has increased since Donald Trump took office. “There is a feeling among employers that they can hire, that they’re building towards a future, that there is less regulation and now is the time to bring people in,” he said.

The industries that have seen the biggest hiring increases are oil and energy, manufacturing and industrial, and aerospace, automative, and transportation. San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York City, Austin, Texas, and Denver have all seen hiring in retail work. “Cities that are doing well need retail workers,” Roth added.

However, many have been leaving cities that once were known for their hiring opportunities, including San Francisco; Seattle, Portland, Denver, Austin, and Charlotte have all seen an increase of workers.

The data came from LinkedIn’s 138 million user profiles, 20,000 company profiles, and 3 million job postings monthly.

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