BBC pokes fun at George Osborne's ever expanding list of jobs with a special TV tribute

Friday, June 30th, 2017 - Jobs

The BBC poked fun at George Osborne’s ever expanding CV last night – after it emerged he’d taken yet another job.

The former Chancellor had six jobs before he stood down as an MP ahead of the general election, including being editor of the London evening standard.

But after leaving the House of Commons, it seems he thought just having five jobs wasn’t stimulating enough.

He announced yesterday that he was taking a role as an Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester.

Job-juggling George has another role

So last night the BBC’s This Week programme paid tribute to George’s increasingly extensive diary commitments.

In an expansion of a joke first made by BuzzFeed Special Correspondent James Ball, the show inserted job-juggling George into the credits of classic cartoon Mr Ben.

They also credited him as having done every single job on the show.

By our count it added up to 18 new jobs, on top of the six he has already.

Job-juggler George Osborne takes his SIXTH role since being sacked from Theresa May’s Cabinet

He’s becoming an honorary professor of Economics

While he was still an MP, Mr Osborne trousered more than £1m in speaking fees for lectures delivered to city bankers and think tanks.

He is also a £650,000-a-year, four days a month adviser to City giant BlackRock.

And he is unpaid chairman of his Northern Powerhouse Partnership and paid fellow at US think tank the McCain Institute.

The Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba) watchdog gave Mr Osborne the green light to take the job, but said he must not lobby government on the university’s behalf until next summer.

Acoba previously rapped Mr Osborne for taking his job at the Evening Standard before it gave permission for him to do so.

That’s on top of the five jobs he has already

Mr Osborne’s latest job, due to start in July, is likely to involve no more than a few lectures and visits a year.

It will allow him to continue his work on the Northern Powerhouse initiative, which he launched at the Treasury to develop economic growth and connectivity in the cities of the North of England.

The university said he would be “sharing his knowledge with staff and students by giving lectures, masterclasses and conducting informal visits”.

As chancellor, Mr Osborne was supportive of the university’s National Graphene Institute and Henry Royce Institute as centres of scientific excellence which could be translated into economic growth.

Mr Osborne said: “I am bowled over by this honour.”

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