Albany pastor hopes to bring opportunities with job fair Saturday

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 - Resume

An East Albany pastor is hoping to bring employment opportunities directly to the people he serves, with a job fair in their neighborhood.

And, according to the staffing agency, ‘the sky is the limit’ when it comes to the number of qualified workers they are looking to hire Saturday.

Pastor Samuel Sneed with Bethseda Community Church, off Turner Field Road in East Albany, is preparing to do something new at his church–host a job fair Saturday.

“I thought about the community in which I live in, where there are a lot of people who are unemployed, who need jobs, who for whatever reason can’t maintain jobs,” said Sneed.

Bethseda is nestled in the heart of a close-knit east-side neighborhood built up from an old military base housing.

Pastor Sneed said people there are looking for opportunities, “I thought, what a wonderful opportunity it would be to have a job fair right in the middle of the community where they can walk to the job fair but also get to work from home.”

“We are looking for everyday people, who can speak well and are just bubbly. When you call, you are representing a company. We want you to shine through the phone, that is all” said Geraldine Hicks, the Vice-President of Destiny 4 U Staffing.

Donna McMiller of Albany is a new hire that “thought it would be a great fit for me because I am at home.”

She believes it is a career path that can be a good fit for others, like stay-at-home moms, “that have kids in school, that are not able to go to the workforce outside the home, they can do work in the home. (They) can be there when the kids get home from school.”

Hicks said that the starting pay is $8 to $10 per hour, with ‘bonuses’ given by some of the companies she says her firm contracts with, including Disney, Staples, Comcast and Carnival. 

Hicks said that people need a telephone, internet access, and a computer in order to do the job.

Following six weeks of training, new hires can select the hours and even the company they wish to work for, and will be paid for the hours they work.

Hicks said this kind of work is the future, “As we know, so many companies are closing down the brick and mortar. Everything is going to the internet now. When you call AT&T, you might be talking to someone from their home. When you place an order at Staples, you may be talking to someone from their home.”

The job fair is at Bethseda Community Church, 1719 Owens Ave., on Saturday, August 26 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

You don’t need to bring a resume.

There will be a background check, and applicants will have to answer 10-15 general customer service questions.

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