5 Reasons Why Employers Are Ignoring Your Resume

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 - Resume

People throw shredded paper (perhaps a resume, built from bad resume templates) from a balcony in New York City | Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

On the job hunt, you can do everything right and still come away empty handed. Finding a good, well-paying job is one of the most stressful and difficult things you can do, and when you send in application after application without so much as an email or phone call in return, it can send you into a downward spiral. Is it your application? Your social media accounts? Perhaps it’s your cover letter or the resume you pieced together using one of those internet resume templates?

It can be anything — but if you want to get serious about getting the job and being noticed, start with your cover letter and curricula vitae.

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5 Reasons Why Employers Are Ignoring Your Resume | Best Of Resume | 4.5