5 New Jobs Robots Won't Be Stealing Any Time Soon

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NEW YORK, NY — Automation is coming for our jobs, and we all know it. Factory workers, bank tellers, elevator operators and cashiers have already seen how easily their work can be taken over by robots, and it’s clear that technological development will only encroach on more occupations in the coming years.

So what can we do? Thankfully, there are many jobs that aren’t likely to be taken over by the machines any time in the foreseeable future.

For better or worse, some positions just need a human at the helm. Here are a few examples, including links to recent job openings on the Patch job boards.

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1. Nurse

There’s nothing more personal than the intimate needs that nurses help patients with, and robots won’t be able to substitute the human touch and a caring bedside manner for a long time.

All the knowledge nurses contain and use every day — learned both in school and on the job — cannot easily be transferred and applied by machines.

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2. Repair technician

Robots are great at performing tasks when everything is simple. When systems break down, however, and you end up with a broken air conditioner, malfunctioning refrigerator or clogged toilet, humans have a better chance of figuring out what went wrong and what the solution will be. If you can learn to be a repair technician, your skills will likely be in demand for a long time.

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3. Teacher

Some education task will almost certainly be automated in the future, and technology already allows some teachers to instruct and evaluate much larger groups of students than ever before.

But when it comes to the education of younger children, in particular, no online class or pre-recorded video lecture will be able to fill in for a strong teacher. Elementary school teachers need a complex array of skills every day, every hour of their jobs, and kids need a competent and engaging adult in their classrooms. Don’t expect these teaching jobs to go the way of assembly line work any time soon.

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4. Social worker

Social workers are people who help people, and it’s hard to imagine any machine or software that could replace these professionals. The field of social work of diverse, with jobs in prisons, schools, hospitals, private practice and elsewhere, with each type demanding its own unique skillset. By becoming a social worker, you can ensure that you’ll have needed skills that you can use to help people as part of a fulfilling and meaningful career.

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5. Manager

The changing economy is certain to bring an array of new industries and occupations, many of which we can’t even imagine right now. But whatever the future of work entails, it’s hard to imagine it won’t include managers — the people whose work is to manage other workers.

While some managerial tasks can be automated, many key duties — setting priorities, hiring and firing, motivating, and team building — demand a human touch.

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