16 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Job Search

Monday, June 26th, 2017 - Resume
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You’ve been continuously submitting resumes like Donald Trump sends tweets. Yet the responses to your applications are minimal — or nonexistent. What gives? Maybe you’re new to the workforce. Or you’ve been out of it for a while and feel a bit unsure about how to get your feet wet again.

These days, it’s not enough to cling to conventional basics. When it comes to the job search, you must think outside the box. But there are many ways to make and break your career prospects. And as it turns out, it’s pretty easy to derail your success just by being blatantly unaware of your mistakes. Any one of these small errors can have a big impact on your future. That’s why we’re delving into 16 ways you’re sabotaging your own job search, so you can start putting your best foot forward today.


1. You sent your resume in a Word document

Submitting your resume in a .doc format can hinder your career success. PDFs, rather than Word documents, are able to lock essential resume formatting preferences in place, even if they’re read from a phone. And let’s be honest. Who doesn’t check emails on their phones these days? In addition, PDFs can’t be edited or tampered with as they go through various email chains, which is good for your carefully crafted resume.

Recruiter Julie Zollo writes on LinkedIn she gives preferential treatment to applicants who submit a PDF resume verses a .doc resume because it suggests an extra bit of tech savvy and demonstrates a willingness to go the extra mile.

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