10 Things You Should Remove From Your Resume

Saturday, July 29th, 2017 - Resume

The world of work is unpredictable. You could be happily employed one day, and then shown the door the next. You never know what will happen from day to day. If you were let go from your job or if you’re not being challenged or paid well enough at your current job, you’re likely preparing to look for a new job.  You’ve got your interview suit ready, you have a list of practice questions, and you’ve perfected your pre-interview chit-chat skills. But is your resume up to the challenge?

Remember that the resume that got you your current job isn’t necessarily going to help you get your next job. Each career move will require you to update your resume in some way. This is especially true if you haven’t interviewed for a job in several years. You may be devoting most of your energy to adding new skills and work experience, but removing experience can be just as important. Here are 10 things you must remove from your resume right now.


1. An unprofessional email address

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Your professional brand extends much further than how you dress or the way you speak. With that in mind, know that your college email address won’t work when you’re looking for a real job. Hiring managers will judge you by the email address you use to communicate with them. So instead of using an address like “surferdude” or “sexyladyfuntimes,” create an email address with your first and last name. Keep it simply and classy.

2. Jobs you were fired from due to ethical misconduct

co-workers at a barco-workers at a bar Co-workers at a bar | iStock.com

If you were a very bad boy or girl at work, you may want to forget including those jobs on your resume. Dismissal due to ethical misconduct could prevent you from landing your next gig. When it comes to deciding whether to keep jobs like this on your resume, heed the wise words of Snoop Dog and drop it like it’s hot.

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