10 Most Useless Resumes Employers Don’t Want Anymore

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 - Resume

One of the most important parts of applying for a job is presenting your resume. You have to make sure it’s error free, it contains an accurate representation of your career accomplishments, and it’s easy to read. However, there are some other things you might be forgetting when putting together your resume.

Not to fear. We’ll offer you a rundown of some resume mistakes that could cause you to lose out on a job interview. Here are 10 most useless resumes employers don’t want anymore.


1. A resume with your photo

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Unless you’re applying for an acting role or some other position where appearance is important, don’t include a picture of yourself. When you add a photo, it could put you in a position to be discriminated against based on race, age, or gender. Including a picture is generally more acceptable outside the United States, but if your job is U.S. based, your best bet is to forget the head shot.

Career expert Lisa Rangel told HR Bartender that including a photo also shows you don’t have a clear understanding of how the hiring process works. “In the U.S., employers are to make employment decisions based on qualifications and not appearance, race, gender, and other categories protected by labor laws,” Rangel said. “Photos give information that shouldn’t contribute to a hiring decision. Therefore, resumes in the U.S. don’t need and shouldn’t have pictures. Including a photo on U.S. resumes can send a message that the candidate doesn’t understand hiring protocols.”

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